Do people really fall for this?

For some reason, used iPods sell for more than most people would think, so I've been trying to pawn my old one off to someone on craigslist, so I can get a new color model for only a few dollars more. Here is a back and forth with a fine "woman" named Linda Park that responded to the ad:

On 8/2/05, Linda Scott wrote:
Hello Seller,
I saw your ads which was listed here. please I want to know if this item is
still available for sale cos I want to buy it as a birthday present to
someone special in my life, Thanks.
Linda Scott.
Seemed innocent enough, so I replied...

james beirne wrote:
Yes, it's still available.

Then there was this response

Linda Scott to me
3:36 am (22 minutes ago)
thanks for the reply. I am not dispose right now and I will be appreciate we conclude this ASAP. About the payment i will be making payment through US money order which will be handled by BidPay.So as to proceed withthe payment i will be needing your payment information so that i can contact BidPay to issue the money order to you.for your item(Apple ipod (40 gig) with camera link)i will be offering$280 in addition about the shipping i will be handling that with my personal fedex accoount so you dont have pay a dime for the shipping upon the receive of the payment i will be sending the shipping slips as soon has the payment has been approved. i await your reply asap.
Get back to me immediately you are back from Fedex drop off.
Linda Scott.

There it was. Dead give away scammer. Thing number one: almost everyone on craigslist is local, it's extremely rare to have a legitimate buyer want something shipped. Thing number two: BidPay offers no seller protection, so it's a favorite for scam artists. Thing number three: they like to offer a little bit extra for your trouble so that you take the offer right away. Linda here only offered me five extra bucks. I had this reply from a "different person" last week:

lize wilson to me
thanks for your quick response, i know this a great product and am purchasing this item for a friend, which I will offer for $350 if my offer is accepted, we can end the auction and proceed, which i will make an immediately payment, kindly send me your contact address, so i can send the payment immediately Bidpay which is a fast and secure. Note I want this item to be ship upon payment made/payment notification from Bidpay.

I always get intouch with some buyers/friend outside the states. Meanwhile, am paying for the shipping cost, which I had contact my fedex Courier company concerning the shipment, the shipment will be charge through my fedex account, so you will not be charge for any bill.

If you still have any other item, kindly let me know we can still work things out after this first transaction done.
Waiting for your quick response.

At least Lize tried to sweeten the pot with an extra $75! Ah, Linda...scammer AND cheap! Lize should have put a little more research into the item, since a new ipod with more features and a larger hard drive than what I was selling would have probably cost the same or possibly less than what she offered me plus the FedEx charge. I want to sell it for as much as I can get, but people can't be THAAAT dumb. Anyway, I ignored Lize last week, but I thought my new friend Linda needed a final response...

james beirne to Linda
3:54 am (4 minutes ago)

Seeing that I'm not a moron, I do not let people I don't know dictate
the terms by which I sell something.

BidPay offers no protection and is used by scammers and practically no
one else. If you are a legitimate person trying to buy this iPod,
which I seriously doubt, then you will send me payment by way of

Somehow I don't think you will do that.

You scammers really need to come up with something new. The whole pay
extra-bidpay-fedex thing....it's really kind of old. Not that the
horrible grammar and form letter wasn't a giveaway the first time I saw
it, but by the eighth message, it starts to just make you look like a moron.

Are there really people that still fall for this bullshit? I guess
there must be if an unoriginal half-witted crook like yourself is
still trying to pull this crap.

Enjoy the criminal life. Nickle and dime yourself fast enough up the
ladder, and one day you will be the Godfather.

Good luck with that.
I don't think I'll be hearing from good ole Linda again. But if I do, I'll be sure to share. And now that I think about it, when there are people willing to pay $275 for a year-old iPod, I guess I can buy that there are idiots falling this tom foolery.

AUGUST 5TH EDIT: Well, it turns out that I found a buyer. I sold the iPod (which I got for free from that free iPods website) to a very nice woman from Hollywood. She drove all the way down to Hermosa to pick it up last night and was super excited to own her first iPod. If only she could do research, she'd probably realize that it'd be better to spend a little more to buy a brand new one. But, had she been research savvy, I wouldn't be the proud owner of a new color iPod that I purchased from the Apple store that opened in Manhattan Beach last week for a bit more than what I sold the old one for. (Yes, I was one of the dorky people that went to the opening day to get a free t-shirt. But, because I'm a thoughtful dork, I went through the line twice to get one for liz. After I scored two free Atari Pong shirts at E3 in May, this marks the second collective geek wear acquisition that I've made for us.)

And another thing...after rereading this, I've realize this original entry goes on for way too long. It's not really THAT interesting. What can I say, this is still new to us and it's a learning process. For those of you that have made it to this point, I applaud you. For anyone else that skipped to the end, rest assured, it won't always be like this.

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