Have a case of the Mondays?

On Monday each of us learned fabulous news...

Liz discovered that she needs double the practical hours she had previously thought she needed to graduate. She's been really on top of her requirements but the school constantly screws her and changes the rules so it kinda blows. It's going to make the next few months a little tight schedule-wise, but with school, things always seem to work out in the end for Liz, so I think she'll still be done in December as planned.

I went in to have what seemed like a couple routine cavities taken care of. Turns out I now need two root canals...neither of which was visible from the x-ray, so I currently have two teeth with exposed roots covered by a practically pointless temporary filling. The dentist told me this temp filling was no harder than chalk so I needed to chew on one side. I asked him why they couldn't have temp fillings that were like real fillings and he had no answer for me. Apparently my roots are curved--thanks for those genes mom and dad!--so I have to go twice to an endodontist (once per tooth) and then follow it all up with my dentist to get crowns. I'm not a big fan of dentists and I've never had a root canal, so I'm somewhat nervous. Plus, my teeth didn't hurt before I went to my dentist today and now the entire right side of my face is in pain. I get to wait in pain until Thursday to begin Operation: Root. Yay, me! I guess this is better than getting some horrible infection at some date in the future when it got worse. Maybe this was all being timed so that it was going to become infected come June of next year, so my premature discomfort now is probably more than worth it. Courtney and Kevin are visiting Saturday and we were planning a big sushi dinner at Blowfish. I guess I'll be drinking lots of saki to numb the pain.

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