It's almost time for Save-The-Date cards isn't it? I anticipate that our actual invitations will be quite traditional so I wonder if it's OK to be a little less so for the Save-The-Date. Of course we don't even have the guest list 100% finalized, so I guess we should do that first.

I just found a site called mygatsby (it's one of a billion out there that do invitations). They have a lot of cool designs that borrow from the traditional but have a modern feel. I can't imagine we'd use this company, but there's some interesting ideas there.

10 months, 1 week, and counting...Liz doesn't even have one of those big wedding to-do binders. Despite there being so much time, Liz and I are such procrastinators that 10 months could quickly become 1 month and that is something we need to avoid.

EDIT: Yes, it turns out it is still early for Save-The-Date...but much like how we tell ourselves we need to leave at 7 when we really need to leave at 8 so we're not late, it's for the best that we act like it's needed right away.

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