Settled on a wedding time!

It now officially begins at 2:30PM on June 24, 2006. After much debate we confirmed that we will be having our wedding ceremony in the afternoon rather than early evening. We're only doing this thing once and Liz has always looked forward to getting pictures at the Lighthouse in scituate on her wedding day. No need to pack the day so tightly where that can't happen. Of course now we need to figure out how to achieve the fine balance between everyone being bored for a couple hours before the reception and everyone showing up trashed on the party bus that's going to run back and forth between the Red Lion and the hotel.

We have some time to figure that out...what's it say at the bottom of the sidebar? 330 something days? PLENTY of time! (How much longer before I don't feel comfortable saying that anymore?)

EDIT: Just looked. I was wrong. It's 320 something. Still saying PLENTY of time though...for now!

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