yay-a little helper!

Everyone already knows I'm completely disorganized. Well, apparently after Ann (James' mom for anyone who doesn't know) read about my planning challenges here, she and James decided I needed a helper. Or, as James called it in one of his other posts, one of those big wedding to-do binders. So now I have one, and it's fabulous. It has little pockets and divided tabs for each important part of the wedding, and it's set up like a 3 ring binder so I can add things in and put them in the right section. It has business card holders, and a calendar. My nifty little planner even provides us with a timeline, telling us when we need to have everything done. We're not even behind yet, haha. And get this: the organizer even came with a calculator and a three-hole punch built-in right in the front of the book. In fact, it is so cool and such a handy little helper, who knows--I could even become one of those nutty people that is disciplined, systematic, and orderly.

Okay haha, that will probably never happen. But at least I have a new tool to help me plan the wedding without missing any of those little-but-oh-so-important details. Thank you Ann!


James' Dad said...
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James' Mom said...

You're welcome. I was happy to get it for you.

Eve said...

those binders are the best!