It's settled...Hawai'i

I know I said a few weeks ago that we were strongly considering Hawai'i for the Honeymoon. Well, now it's settled as we've officially reserved all our accomodations.

I'll let Liz share all the details soon, but I must say, it feels good to get something completely out of the way so that we don't have to worry about it anymore. I know technically the honeymoon isn't part of the wedding, but it still needed to be planned. It had been wisely recommended to us that we book it all now because a lot of the best locations will sell out as we get closer. That was great advice and I think we really lucked out with things. Availability aside, I don't know how we could have done this closer to the wedding because it was practically a week of looking at hotels, condos, rentals and their respective reviews to settle on something. I'm excited for the trip, but I'm even more excited for being able to completely focus on the wedding now. Save the date cards are coming along well. I just need to find an envelope that will work well with our design.

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