I have wanted to go to Hawaii ever since I saw the Brady's Hawaiian adventure. Sure, I know they found an evil idol and had a series of bad luck, but they were in Hawaii. Hawaii just seems so exotic and beautiful. I can't wait to drink Kona coffee in the morning and fruity cocktails at night and lay on the beach and do nothing all day long.

So, even though James and I knew we wanted to go to Hawaii, for the longest time we couldn't figure out which islands to go to. We contemplated Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii, and various
combinations of those islands. In the end we decided to stay on Maui for seven nights, and Hawaii for four.

So after the wedding, we'll fly to LA late Sunday, then we'll pack and leave for Hawaii Tuesday morning. The first four nights on Maui, we're renting a house. It is on the North Shore, and has a private outdoor pool and hot tub, with a deck that is situated on a cliff with ocean and waterfall views. It sounds so perfect-I wish we could go right now!

After that, we move from seclusion over to the west side of Maui, where most of the big resorts are. Right now, we're tentatively planning to stay at the Sheraton there. We've heard that while it's not the nicest of all those resorts over there, it has the best beach. Plus it's a Starwood hotel, and they have that whole "stay at one, play at all" policy.

On July 4th, we'll head to the big island. We'll stay in Kailua Kona for two nights, then go to Hilo for two nights. We'll get to explore the only volcano on all of the Hawaiian islands with flowing lava. (Note, I think this is the main reason James wanted to go to Hawaii lol).So that's it! Now we just need airfare and rental cars, and the honeymoon will be set.

Now, can someone plan the wedding for me?

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James Beirne said...

I can't wait, it's gonna be so fun!