Finally happy about the site

There are a couple more things left to be done on the site, and I'm sure I'll keep tweaking it because I'm funny like that, but I can finally say that I'm happy with how the site and blog are coming together. My complete lack of experience with web design has made it more difficult than it needed to be, but now when I apply for jobs that ask if I have basic web experience, I don't have to lie and say yes while I secretly wing it after they hire me.

Liz is seven days away from her comps, but we're still planning. We booked a photographer that we're both excited about. We're meeting with him just before Christmas for our engagement shoot. It’s three years late, but at least my mom will be able to finally get that photo she keeps asking me about for the Carroll County Times engagements page.

We only have a week in MA together. During that time we'll have to taste test reception meals at the Red Lion, try some cake, possibly meet with a videographer, visit the hotel, meet with invitation designers, as well as many other things we haven't even thought of. And this is all beyond the stuff that doesn't involve me that Liz will deal with in the week she's in Scituate before I arrive. It's a hectic time--hard to fit everything in when we may not both be back together again until the wedding week. It's a good hectic though. It's exciting that things are moving forward now.

So far one element hasn't exactly been stress-free--our save-the-date cards. We were originally going to design them ourselves but wisely decided against that. I think we're on something like the fifth idea now. So that's not getting resolved as quickly as we would like...but I think we'll settle it soon. OK, I HOPE we’ll settle it soon.

And with that ends today's update.

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