Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

I live in Los Angeles. I don't get starstruck when I see famous people anymore. Well, except apparently, when that famous person is Paul McCartney, I do.

My mom came to visit me recently. As always, we had a great time. On one of the days she was visiting, we went to see Ellen being taped. Mom and I waited for several hours outside in lovely downtown Burbank without knowing who the guest was. When they finally let us inside the studio lot, we waited some more. But at least then they told us who the guest was.

I didn't even realize how exciting it was until we got inside and were seated in the 4th row. I actually love Ellen, though admittedly not as much as my mom does. So when the show started and we saw Ellen, and danced in the audience with her, I was already pretty pumped. But then he came out and sat at his piano, 15 feet away from us. I started feeling giddy. I mean come on, it was Paul McCartney! Right in front of me. I swear, I think he was singing to me. And he totally smiled at me. At least 2 times. To me, the most amazing thing about Paul McCartney was that he seemed like a real person, not like a living legend. He continued to be friendly in between shooting the different segments, dancing, smiling, and singing along to the music being played by Ellen's DJ, Tony.

I remember all the Beatles lore, how Paul was always "the cute one." I used to look at pictures and think "people did way too many drugs back then-the man is anything but cute." I couldn't have been more wrong. At 63 years old, Paul McCartney is still the cute one. It's his personality. He truly seemed genuine, and had this unbelievable magnetism.

So Mom and I gushed over Paul and Ellen through the whole show and all the way home. We had so much fun that day, but as if that weren't enough, we also got prizes! We each got a copy of Paul McCartney's new CD and the children's book he wrote, plus we received gift certificates to go race car driving at the Richard Petty Auto School. Spending time with mom, dancing with Ellen, getting all starry eyed over Paul McCartney, and prizes. Does it get any better than that?


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

FYI: It's a stock photo.

New toy in our house

Trust me, you don't want to know how long I waited in line for this on Monday night. If you've seen the news coverage you can safely assume it was longer than 15 minutes. I actually will be getting a free one through one of those free insert-popular-item-here sites so I wasn't even waiting for me. For those into this kind of thing, they just started a Playstation 3 freesite --check it out

I waited in line because Darrin couldn't get there due to work. I'm freelancing these days and had no work due this week AND I'm a good friend AND I wanted it in our house immediately, so I decided to help him out. We've been playing it since, and yes, it is much better than the regular xbox.

For all you non-gamers and naysayers out there that think it's weird that someone who wasn't a kid waited in line for a videogame system, I'll let you know that most of the people in line were my age. Some were older. A few were younger. Click through for some fun statistics that may surprise you about who plays video games these days.

And if anyone out there is on xbox Live, here's my gamercard:

I'll see you there.


Red red wine...

...you make me feel so fine, you keep me rocking all of the time.

oops, after typing that title I forgot I wasn't actually talking about UB40. For those of you not paying attention, James and I went wine tasting in Santa Ynez on the 5th.

The day started at 8 AM, when Jim, our limo driver, arrived at our house in Hermosa Beach to pick up James, myself, and our friends Darrin and Steve. We then drove to Eve’s house to collect her, Becca, and Marisa. The seven of us rode to Sideways country in style, listening to the musical styling of el Reyalto.

Our first and loooooooooooongest stop of the day was here
We sat in the private tasting room for an hour and a half, eating cheese and crackers and trying 8 different wines. We left the first (of six) wineries a little tipsy.

For lunch we had sandwiches from the gourmet Los Olivos Grocey Store deli. Sadly, we didn't eat the birthday cake we toted around in the trunk of the limo until 9PM when Darrin, James, and I were back in Hermosa Beach.

Our time in Santa Ynez ended at Rusack, where we sat on this patio watching the sun set and drinking a bottle of wine. All in all a wonderful day with wonderful friends.


Rock Star!


Why is it that if you find something that's really cool the people who you would have to deal with end up being total clueless assholes? There was a place in MA that made some cool, unique save-the-date cards and we've been waiting over three weeks for a sample. I've sent emails and called and no reply. They were super nice when I requested one, now it makes me not want to deal with them at all but I can't find another place that has something similar.




After months of studying for Liz and months of helping Liz stay stress free for me, we're gettin' away tomorrow. It will be my third time this year to the Santa Ynez valley in Santa Barbara county. It's where the movie Sideways was filmed and we're goin' all out for our trip. Liz, myself, and some friends rented a limo for the day so that we could go from winery to winery in style (and not worry about silly things like driving). Last time I was up there with Liz she tried to climb a tree at the last place we stopped. I don't doubt there will be interesting stories tomorrow as well. Regardless, I've been looking forward to it for quite a while. On top of it being a celebration for Liz being done, it's also a belated birthday celebration for myself...so fun all around!