New toy in our house

Trust me, you don't want to know how long I waited in line for this on Monday night. If you've seen the news coverage you can safely assume it was longer than 15 minutes. I actually will be getting a free one through one of those free insert-popular-item-here sites so I wasn't even waiting for me. For those into this kind of thing, they just started a Playstation 3 freesite --check it out

I waited in line because Darrin couldn't get there due to work. I'm freelancing these days and had no work due this week AND I'm a good friend AND I wanted it in our house immediately, so I decided to help him out. We've been playing it since, and yes, it is much better than the regular xbox.

For all you non-gamers and naysayers out there that think it's weird that someone who wasn't a kid waited in line for a videogame system, I'll let you know that most of the people in line were my age. Some were older. A few were younger. Click through for some fun statistics that may surprise you about who plays video games these days.

And if anyone out there is on xbox Live, here's my gamercard:

I'll see you there.


Liz Stiles said...

I beat James at Project Gotham Racing the first time I played. I rule!!

(James, please don't tell them how bad I am at Perfect Dark Zero.)

James Beirne said...

She even has an xbox live account now!