Red red wine...

...you make me feel so fine, you keep me rocking all of the time.

oops, after typing that title I forgot I wasn't actually talking about UB40. For those of you not paying attention, James and I went wine tasting in Santa Ynez on the 5th.

The day started at 8 AM, when Jim, our limo driver, arrived at our house in Hermosa Beach to pick up James, myself, and our friends Darrin and Steve. We then drove to Eve’s house to collect her, Becca, and Marisa. The seven of us rode to Sideways country in style, listening to the musical styling of el Reyalto.

Our first and loooooooooooongest stop of the day was here
We sat in the private tasting room for an hour and a half, eating cheese and crackers and trying 8 different wines. We left the first (of six) wineries a little tipsy.

For lunch we had sandwiches from the gourmet Los Olivos Grocey Store deli. Sadly, we didn't eat the birthday cake we toted around in the trunk of the limo until 9PM when Darrin, James, and I were back in Hermosa Beach.

Our time in Santa Ynez ended at Rusack, where we sat on this patio watching the sun set and drinking a bottle of wine. All in all a wonderful day with wonderful friends.

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James Beirne said...

The day was fabulous! Good times with good friends and good wine!