4X the holiday spirit

Christmas #1: Christmas Eve w/ Liz's family at her parents house

Christmas #2: Christmas morning at Liz's brothers house watching her nephew and neice open presents

Christmas #3: Christmas evening at my parents house w/ my grandparents

Christmas #4: Today w/ my sister, who just returned from a ten day cruise, and my parents

It's a lot of holiday cheer...but despite all the traveling it's been drama free and great to see everyone.

On Saturday we have the longest day ever....

  • Leave parent's house in Maryland at 5:30AM EST to drive to Dulles Airport outside of Washington, DC
  • Fly to Dallas
  • Transfer planes and fly to LAX--arriving at 12:15PM PST
  • Drive home to Hermosa Beach
  • Eat something
  • Get ready to out
  • Go to a NYE party that begins at 8PM and ends at 4AM
  • 5AM--home and in bed.
After accounting for the three hour time change...we'll be awake on Saturday/Sunday for at least 27 hours--more if dragged to see a couple friends DJ at an afterhours that begins at 4AM. But hey, it's our last NYE in Los Angeles, so no rest allowed!

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