no rest for the weary

Do you ever create imaginary timestamps in your head? You know, like, "after the holidays, I will ..." Everyone fills in that blank differently, with things they need, things they hope for, things they want to accomplish. My most recent imaginary timestamp was "after I finish the semester, I will be able to relax and stop running around in 50 different directions at once." HA! Not even a chance. Since arriving in Massachusetts after finishing grad school, I've done at least 3872 things. It's to be expected, it being the week of Christmas, as well as the only time James and I are in Massachusetts together until the week of the wedding.

No, I'm not an idiot. I knew it was going to be hectic. I was just so stressed that I needed to create a light at the end of the tunnel. It's funny to stop and think about the lies we tell ourselves to stay sane. And hey, at least now I am busy with fun things rather than cramming for tests.

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