Back to the gym!

I had been going to the gym fairly regularly for about six months before Christmas. It would be upper body one day, cardio the next, lower body, back to cardio and repeat. I had myself in a mode to go at least five days a week. For someone who never really went to the gym much their entire life, that wasn't an easy task. I've probably had at least a half dozen well intended failed efforts to get myself into the right pattern over the last few years.

What finally changed it was the opening of a 24 Hour Fitness across the street from our house. I no longer had an excuse, and it worked. After about two weeks I was feeling bad if I missed a day. And there was a payoff since I've lost 35 pounds through my effort.

With holidays and traveling, patterns break. I worked out a bit in Scituate and planned to jog in Westminster, but I was sick most of the time in Maryland, so that never really happened. Upon return to LA, drinking and partying on New Year's Eve on top of being run down from traveling made the effort to restart the engine a difficult one, but I went a few days last week doing only cardio and had gone three days this week so I'm getting back to my normal pattern.

Today was the first day I tried the weights again...before Christmas, I was doing mostly cardio because I thought I might eat too much during the holidays so it's been about five weeks since I've done strength training. I am going to be SORE tomorrow. Man....it was tough. Makes you not want to slack off again, that's for sure. It felt good to get back to it though and I should be back to my normal routine full time by next week. With only five months until the wedding, there's no more time for slacking off.

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