We now have an RSS feed!

For anyone out there that's techsaavy, we now have an RSS feed available for the blog. Using RSS is very simple.
  1. Click here to bring up the RSS page. Or click this icon to auto launch the feed:
  2. If your browser is able to view RSS, just bookmark that page. If not, copy the link and paste it in your RSS reader.
  3. That's it! Everytime the blog is updated, the feed will update and let you know that there's new content.
If you're new to RSS here's some info...
  • Mac users can view RSS and get auto-updates in the Safari browser. You can also click here for more options.
  • I'm not as familiar with Windows RSS, but I don't think Internet Explorer will do it. Try here for more options.
If anyone on Windows has a recommendation, please add a comment.

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