I can't stop doing these ridiculous puzzles! I know this whole Sudoku craze has been sweeping the nation for quite some time now, but I jumped on that bandwagon pretty late. When I was studying for comps, I had no time for pop culture, puzzles, or any combination thereof.

On Christmas day, my brother Rich regifted a Sudoku book to Mom. This is generally a pretty gauche thing to do, but in this case it is even more repugnant . Rich had two copies of the book because after putting it on his wishlist, he bought it for himself! I was intrigued by anything so compelling that my brother had to have it before Christmas. At that point, I only knew 2 things about Sudoku: (1) everyone was doing it, and (2) I didn't know how. So Rich gave me a quick overview and showed me the basics of solving the puzzles, and within a week I was hooked.

I can do easy, medium, hard, and challenger, depending on my patience levels. If I've had a long day at the preschool or the high school, I might only have the powers of concentration for an easy puzzle. But that whole puzzle rating system is so subjective. Who the hell is deciding which puzzles fall into which category? Because whoever is in charge of that STINKS. Sometimes easy=medium, medium=hard, or hard=medium. It just depends on what fool was rating the puzzles that day.

oooooh, that might be a fun job for me! I could get hired somewhere as a "Sudoku analyst," and I would sit in a room and do puzzles all day, rating them according to difficulty.

Hmmm, come to think of it, I take that back. I think I would become even stranger than I already am if I sat by myself in a room all day, obsessively crunching numbers in my brain to solve thousands of little puzzles. That job has nutcase written all over it. No wonder those poor people keep misclassifying the puzzles.

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James Beirne said...

I dunno, I've done some of the puzzles but I just don't understand the obsession.

If you are obsessed though...I recently saw a nintendo gameboy version that was all symbols. No numbers, just nine shapes. Talk about a challenge...