Why does it cost so much to fly to Hawai'i

Seriously? Why?

Originally we were planning to come back to LA for a few weeks before moving to New York. We were to fly to LAX on the Monday after the wedding. Fly from LAX to OGG (Kahului on Maui) the following morning. And then fly from KOA (Kona on the Big Island) back to LAX eleven days later. As long as the airline flies directly to both cities, it doesn't usually cost more to arrive and depart from two separate airports in Hawai'i.

Unfortunately from LA, that ticket alone was going to cost a whopping $749. ($500 is the norm, you can usually get it for less). Add the flight to LAX and the extra time to drive our cars back East afterwards and it didn't seem like the best option.

So now we're leaving the west coast before the wedding and flying direct to Hawai'i from BOS. It ain't cheap. If we buy the tickets today they're $949. Yikes!

Here's the really fun part...we could buy a Boston to Hawai'i ticket today for any time in March for $289 RT. Any one in the northeast with vacation time to burn.....you should look into it.

I guess that extra $700 is the cost of having a honeymoon that straddles Independence Day. It will still be awesome of course. Expensive, but awesome.

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