Tux places--still suck, but now it's done.

After much frustration we FINALLY got this whole tux thing sorted out.  Ended up going with Men's Wearhouse because they seem to be the only place with stores everywhere.  After a tux that works I went over to place the order.  Of course...I had to be with this guy who was either on his first day or he was simply a certifiable idiot.  When I told him I wanted the vests and ties to be different colors this look crossed his face like I had completely blown his mind.  You'd think that Jesus himself had just taken over my body based on the stare I got.

"Oh we don't, um...it says here one...um...I don't know how to...um....two colors?  Are you sure?"

Fortunately all was not lost and a much more intelligent and experienced woman noticed his confusion and stepped in to complete my order.

OK...one more thing checked off the list.  523234 more to go.

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