Tux places suck

So we make these big plans to go try on Tuxes and find something for the wedding.  Darrin, Liz, and I make the time on Sunday and I call ahead to make an appointment.

So we get there and I tell the woman working that I have an apointment and she replies..."I don't know why my manager bothered making appointments when she knew I'd be here alone."

Needless to say 40 minutes passed and we didn't seem much closer to actually being helped so we left.  

The whole thing reminded me of the Sienfeld episode at the Chinese Restaurant.

"You know how to TAKE a reservation, you just don't know how to KEEP a reservation."

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Liz Stiles said...

The whole tuxedo thing has become very irritating. By the way James, I think that Seinfeld quote is from the rental car episode, not the Chinese food restaurant episode.