Wedding travel discount on American Airlines

I know airfare is currently INSANELY expensive right now. We're all hoping that these prices will come down at least a bit before the wedding. Either way, I was able to secure a wedding discount for American Airlines for all travel to/from Boston between June 17 and July 1.

It's only a 5% off, but hey, at least it's something and it will cover most of the taxes. It's valid on all fare codes except for deep discount Q and O (which are each highly unlikely to be available anyway)

To use the code, book via aa.com and enter A9066BQ in the discount code field after you select a flight.

By using the code, you are still able to get your normal frequent flyer miles.

You can also use the discount if you book by phone at: 1-800-433-1790. Please know that they charge $10 to book over the phone, which will negate much of the discount.

The discount will be active as of Monday, May 1.


Table assignment cards

I'm very excited for the direction that we're considering going for our table assignment "cards".  I'm not allowed to give any details away but I will say that if we follow through with it the concept will be really fun for everyone and will certainly feel unique.  

Pulling it off will be a challenge, but hey, that's what life's about, right?

...of course if you show up and there's nothing special about them, remember that we always reserve the right to change our minds!



13 months and 17 days after I first brought it home, my car's odometer rolled* over to 10,000 today. Can't complain about the fact that it's taken me so long though. Working from home definitely has it's benefits in this time of super expensive gas.

*yeah, I know it's electric


Why does my leg hurt!!??

A friend of mine who is on Spring Break comes down yesterday to hit the gym and we decide to walk for some drinks afterwards. It's a great day and there was a 2 for 1 happy hour so we end up staying a while.

At some point after getting home I realize that my leg is seriously hurting. Upon further inspection I see that there's this huge scrape that ends with a nasty gash right above my knee. It looks like I fell onto a metal rod or a cement corner or something. It hurt so much I woke up at 4AM in severe pain and I can hardly bend it now. It hurts whenever I put pressure on it and if I twist it the wrong way I get a sharp pain. I really need crutches...it's that bad.

Fortunately, despite it being cut and very swollen, nothing seems to be discolored so I don't think I did lasting damage and I'm sure I"ll be fine in a few days.

It just baffles me that I don't remember how I got the injury. There have been a few times where ll have a random bruise or something that I can't remember the source of but I don't recall ever having something this bad where I don't know how it happened. Hopefully it will be fine in a few days...but for today I need food and I'm seriously thinking of ordering Vons delivery because I don't think I could get my self to the market.

Yes, I know...that's very lame.


Don't tell Liz

She's not a huge fan of small planes and I just booked our interisland flight in Hawai'i on one of these badboys...

It's the single engine Cessna 208B (AKA the Cessna "Grand Caravan") and it holds 8 or 12 passengers plus pilot. Since we're flying into the much smaller airport on the Big Island there were no options on large planes that flew direct. I think it will be cool since these planes fly low and it's only a 1 hour flight anyway.

I only wonder where our baggage will fit!? Look at those tiny compartments on the bottom! According to the Pacific Wings website, we should be OK but it will be interesting.

We also don't go through any major security since it departs from a general aviation terminal. There are no ticket agents or counters at the airport either. We hand our ticket to the pilot when we get on the plane!


This week I learned ...

  • It takes three confirmations before you can feel comfortable that you have the proper address for someone
  • It's more difficult to find a cheap flight from OGG to ITO than it is to fly from OGG to KOA
  • It sucks when the only phone number you had for an old friend connects to an elderly lady who never heard his name before
  • There's a good chance we'll get all the extra hotel rooms we need
  • The cashiers don't measure your wood at Home Depot. (Shame on you for thinking that meant something else)
  • Crate and Barrel will help you get a pile of gifts purchased there from one coast to the other
  • The gap between sale and regular price at Macy's is disturbingly wide
  • Indonesian food gives me gas
  • I have trouble focusing if I go to the gym too late in the day
  • When a Vosges Haute Chocolat catalogue arrives in the mail, you're very tempted to splurge on a four-pack of $6 exotic chocolate bars. (I've had the Red Fire Bar before and it's De-Lish!)
More next week...


The rambling biography

I hadn't looked at the website outside of this blog in quite a while. I can't believe I actually put that rambling description of my life up there. What was I smoking? Hopefully it actually makes sense now that I *gasp* edited it.

Don't plan on seeing one from Liz. She prefers to be more of an enigma anyway.


Selecting music is way too hard

Liz and I are very particular about the kind of music that we like and what we don't like.  So when we got the list of a couple thousand suggested songs from the DJ, it only compounded an already stressful situation.  

How do you make everyone happy?  Grandma isn't going to be digging the latest deep house track or a new, groundbreaking alt-rock track and we're totally against the idea of playing cheesy novelty songs. (and there are plenty on the list...chicken dance, anyone?)

If the DJ is someone you know and trust I guess you just let them do their thing.  Unfortunately that's not necessarily the case here especially since a lot of the songs we like aren't even on the list to begin with.  We want a mix of music to please everyone, but seeing how that may require us to personally select five hours worth of tunes it becomes a very daunting task.

I always liked the idea of just programming the night on an ipod and then just letting it go.  Of course that means you have to rent equipment and there's no one there to do introductions or take care of a technical problem--so it ends up being more hassle than it's worth.  Hopefully DJ Michael Tucker will understand what we want.  Hopefully.



After a few days of heavy rain today was the first nice day in quite a while that I needed to take a long drive.  

So I dropped the convertible top and treked down to Orange County to do a bit of research for a job I'm on.  It was great partly cloudy, cool breeze, loud music.  Everything was fine until I got home and my face started feeling tight.  I looked at my glowing red image in the mirror and realized I forgot the sunblock.  I usually keep some in my car but it hasn't been there since the fall.

Of course the second you realize you have sunburn it's like a switch goes off and you immediately go from feeling great to feeling like crap.  So now I feel nautious and kind of delirious.  Liz put some sort of oily crap all over my face so I got the whole glazed donut look workin' now.

Hopefully it'll be a bit better tomorrow.  And no, I'm not taking a picture.