Don't tell Liz

She's not a huge fan of small planes and I just booked our interisland flight in Hawai'i on one of these badboys...

It's the single engine Cessna 208B (AKA the Cessna "Grand Caravan") and it holds 8 or 12 passengers plus pilot. Since we're flying into the much smaller airport on the Big Island there were no options on large planes that flew direct. I think it will be cool since these planes fly low and it's only a 1 hour flight anyway.

I only wonder where our baggage will fit!? Look at those tiny compartments on the bottom! According to the Pacific Wings website, we should be OK but it will be interesting.

We also don't go through any major security since it departs from a general aviation terminal. There are no ticket agents or counters at the airport either. We hand our ticket to the pilot when we get on the plane!

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