After a few days of heavy rain today was the first nice day in quite a while that I needed to take a long drive.  

So I dropped the convertible top and treked down to Orange County to do a bit of research for a job I'm on.  It was great partly cloudy, cool breeze, loud music.  Everything was fine until I got home and my face started feeling tight.  I looked at my glowing red image in the mirror and realized I forgot the sunblock.  I usually keep some in my car but it hasn't been there since the fall.

Of course the second you realize you have sunburn it's like a switch goes off and you immediately go from feeling great to feeling like crap.  So now I feel nautious and kind of delirious.  Liz put some sort of oily crap all over my face so I got the whole glazed donut look workin' now.

Hopefully it'll be a bit better tomorrow.  And no, I'm not taking a picture.


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Liz Stiles said...

I like vanilla frosted better than glazed!