Wedding travel discount on American Airlines

I know airfare is currently INSANELY expensive right now. We're all hoping that these prices will come down at least a bit before the wedding. Either way, I was able to secure a wedding discount for American Airlines for all travel to/from Boston between June 17 and July 1.

It's only a 5% off, but hey, at least it's something and it will cover most of the taxes. It's valid on all fare codes except for deep discount Q and O (which are each highly unlikely to be available anyway)

To use the code, book via aa.com and enter A9066BQ in the discount code field after you select a flight.

By using the code, you are still able to get your normal frequent flyer miles.

You can also use the discount if you book by phone at: 1-800-433-1790. Please know that they charge $10 to book over the phone, which will negate much of the discount.

The discount will be active as of Monday, May 1.

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