Why does my leg hurt!!??

A friend of mine who is on Spring Break comes down yesterday to hit the gym and we decide to walk for some drinks afterwards. It's a great day and there was a 2 for 1 happy hour so we end up staying a while.

At some point after getting home I realize that my leg is seriously hurting. Upon further inspection I see that there's this huge scrape that ends with a nasty gash right above my knee. It looks like I fell onto a metal rod or a cement corner or something. It hurt so much I woke up at 4AM in severe pain and I can hardly bend it now. It hurts whenever I put pressure on it and if I twist it the wrong way I get a sharp pain. I really need crutches...it's that bad.

Fortunately, despite it being cut and very swollen, nothing seems to be discolored so I don't think I did lasting damage and I'm sure I"ll be fine in a few days.

It just baffles me that I don't remember how I got the injury. There have been a few times where ll have a random bruise or something that I can't remember the source of but I don't recall ever having something this bad where I don't know how it happened. Hopefully it will be fine in a few days...but for today I need food and I'm seriously thinking of ordering Vons delivery because I don't think I could get my self to the market.

Yes, I know...that's very lame.

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