Why didn't we think of this before!?

Screwing around with airfares I just realized you can get something cheaper by booking two separate one-way tickets w/ different airlines.

You can find all this on a site like kayak.com   Be sure to check off "include nearby airports"

What I found:

You can fly from Long Beach to Boston on Delta with a 40 minute stop in Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon for a friday night arrival in Boston for only $169. (flights 3811 and 894)

You can fly back direct on Jet Blue on flight 485 departing Boston at 1130 AM with a 235PM arrival in Long Beach for $229 all in.  

That comes to $398 total which is by far the best rate we've seen for travel times that aren't horrible.

If you don't mind leaving at 6AM on sunday morning, you can save another $20 on jetblue to bring it to $378.  

If you would prefer to not rush out the morning after the wedding and would rather wait until monday morning, you can save $40 on jetblue by flying out on a 6AM flight that gets you back to Long Beach early at 9:25AM.  That brings the cost down to $358--which is *gasp* normal.

These specific flights might not stick around, but it leaves hope for more options than the $500+ tickets we had been seeing. So I highly recommend playing around with combining one-way offers.

Current cheapest LAX-BOS flight

Cheapest way to get from LAX to BOS is currently on airtran and the flight times are less than ideal.  

The outbound departs LAX at 10:05 on friday night and arrives in BOS at 9:39 on saturday morning.  

Return flight leaves early Monday morning to get back to LAX by 10AM.

Cost: $389 all-in

Unites has some flights with more desirable times for $450

Jet Blue has a few options out of Long Beach in that price range as well.



Went to a screening last night of the first hour of tonight's 24 season finale. We watched Jack Bauer work to save the world in a theater with about 1,000 people. I have to say, it's a great experience to see a show like that in a room filled with huge fans cheering and booing along with each plot twist. Lots of fun, indeed. I could tell you happens, but I won't spoil it.

Afterwards there was a panel sponsored by the Center for American Progress about how the show relates to terrorism in the real world. The panel included a few policy makers, three of the show's writers as well as Keifer Southerland, Greg Itzin, and Jean Smart. My friend, Mike Ochs, got a laugh from the entire audience for his question to the panel. The other questions were kinda lame. Someone should have asked Keifer about attacking Christmas trees. I guess it wouldn't have been the appropriate forum for that though.

I gotta say, I'm glad that the last of the big season finales are this week (Lost being the other one) because with this wedding thing in five weeks, there's much to do in the real world.


The 3 hour sun window

Got a freelance assignment to a client this morning and then hit the gym.  Came back and the sun was out.

Normally it wouldn't be worth mentioning, but this time of year we have something they like to call "June Gloom".  This is where fog obscures the sun nearly 24 hours a day from mid May through late June.  Considering how great life is at the beach the rest of the year, I can't complain.  

The last few days the sun peaked out around 1PM and then disapeared back into the clouds and fog in the late afternoon.  I made some lunch and came outside to try to work on some wedding stuff and while the sun is currently out above me, there's fog already rolling in over the ocean--can't even see the water any more.  

When I used to commute daily to work, it would be hot and clear inland so I'd have grand dreams of driving home and hanging out on the porch.  On the drive I'd see the clouds in the distance and know my plans weren't meant to be.  Home would be dark and 20 degrees colder.

Damn you, June Gloom!


Bring on the weird

It's 3 A.M. I am awake and I don't know why. I haven't written anything here in eons.

So, I opened my email and someone had forwarded me a link to this website. One I'd seen before, but had forgotten about. Click. Watch, with sound on. Prepare to laugh.

Not what you were expecting for my first post after 2 months, was it? Well hey, at least now you all know that I am still alive.


The clock is ticking...

Everytime something new or something we haven't addressed yet comes up...I start getting that beeping clock sound from 24 stuck in my head. If only life could go into split-screen mode so that we could get more done at once...

Liz leaves for Boston in less than four weeks. It'll soon be crunch time.


Local institution burns down

Got a call from a friend to look out my window yesterday morning. Down by the water I could see smoke and news choppers filling the sky--Chopper 2, Chopper 4, even the new Air7HD (Channel 7 doesn't like to let anyone forget they're the only local news broadcast in high definition).

So it turned out Sharkeez, a very popular beach watering hole, was burning. It was a three alarm fire with trucks called from all the south bay cities and Los Angeles. By the end of the day it was a total loss. Except for the local crew, the firetrucks were mostly gone when I took a walk down to check out the scene later in the afternoon. The buildings at the Hermosa Pier are built right next to each other with zero space between. It's amazing the firewall kept the fire contained.

I took some pictures. A few are below, the rest are here.


current cheapest LAX-BOS flight

Right now it's on Delta. (Sorry no discount code). Nonstop both ways. Two options.

Option one: Red eye out of LAX on thurs, june 22 and returns on sunday, june 23 departing at 4:20 pm. $448 all-in on delta.com

Option two: 11:25 AM flight on Friday, June 23--arrives at BOS 7:46PM. Returns on the same Sunday afternoon flight that departs at 4:20PM. $448 all-in on delta.com

I'll post again if a cheaper rate is found. If you want me to send an email if I stumble on a better flight, let me know. (the way things seem to be going, I'm not counting on it though)


Jamaican Beer on a Mexican holiday


One ring to rule them

No, we didn't go for the LOTR style band as depicted in the image to the left.

Last weekend we ventured down to LA's jewelry district and purchased our wedding rings. It was a great symbolic burdon removed to actually get that done. We had gone to the jewelery district a few months ago and talked to lots of different jewelers. We returned to a booth we remembered from the first trip only to find the person we spoke with was out of town. Instead there was this very loud old man that couldn't speak English and was yelling at Liz and I in some sort of slavic language while this other guy "translated" and laughed. Needless to say, we didn't buy any ring from this fellow and went to our second choice where a very helpful woman sorted everything out with us.

They say the Los Angeles Jewelry District is actually the largest in the world and I know we only saw a small portion of it. Fortunately we knew exactly what we wanted, because you could wander aimlessly around that place for days.


A good day

It's something I haven't been having many of lately--a good day. Nothing special. Nothing eventful. Just a day that feels genuinely good and satisfying.

I've been filling my body with so much stress and bullshit lately that I haven't really let myself sit back and let go. Today I did that.

It started with a trip to the gym, as all good days usually do. And then I made myself some lunch and spent the afternoon working on a script outside in the bright sunlight. For the last month I've been having the worst anxiety and writers block when it came to personal creative work. Part of it is the wedding planning stress, but another part is a kind of writers block I've been experiencing which is the worst kind out there. I wasn't excited about any of my three ongoing projects. I couldn't motivate and when I did everything I wrote was nothing short of being shit.

Maybe it was the sun--out for the first time after weeks of fog, or maybe my head has finally caught up with the whirlwind of planning, but for the first time today I was excited. I reaquainted myself with a script I'd tabled and now I'm in a really good position to start moving forward again. Let me tell you, for a writer, it's a great feeling to have because the worst thing on Earth is losing you desire to write. It happens to everyone though. Stephen King even writes about it in his book, On Writing--his nonfiction acount of the craft. (I hate the word "craft"but it's unfortunately appropriate.)

When I wrote my last script I had actually put it down for over a year without looking at it because I ran out of ideas. Fortunately, the same thing happened and I completed it to the point where I'm really happy. If only it wasn't so damn difficult to sell a project in this town.

Anyway...it was a good day. I'm now sitting outside on our gorgeous porch as the sun lowers with the crisp afternoon ocean breezes putting a chill on my arms. After such a good day I decided to reward myself with a grey goose red bull. Life is good.


More xbox360 fun

Games can be a nice diversion from wedding planning madness. Now there's a site that will create a Flash version of xbox live gamercards.

Here's mine...

Here's Liz's...


more discounts!

Looks like Avis and Budget are now onboard for car rentals.

Check out our travel discount page for the details!