The 3 hour sun window

Got a freelance assignment to a client this morning and then hit the gym.  Came back and the sun was out.

Normally it wouldn't be worth mentioning, but this time of year we have something they like to call "June Gloom".  This is where fog obscures the sun nearly 24 hours a day from mid May through late June.  Considering how great life is at the beach the rest of the year, I can't complain.  

The last few days the sun peaked out around 1PM and then disapeared back into the clouds and fog in the late afternoon.  I made some lunch and came outside to try to work on some wedding stuff and while the sun is currently out above me, there's fog already rolling in over the ocean--can't even see the water any more.  

When I used to commute daily to work, it would be hot and clear inland so I'd have grand dreams of driving home and hanging out on the porch.  On the drive I'd see the clouds in the distance and know my plans weren't meant to be.  Home would be dark and 20 degrees colder.

Damn you, June Gloom!

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