A good day

It's something I haven't been having many of lately--a good day. Nothing special. Nothing eventful. Just a day that feels genuinely good and satisfying.

I've been filling my body with so much stress and bullshit lately that I haven't really let myself sit back and let go. Today I did that.

It started with a trip to the gym, as all good days usually do. And then I made myself some lunch and spent the afternoon working on a script outside in the bright sunlight. For the last month I've been having the worst anxiety and writers block when it came to personal creative work. Part of it is the wedding planning stress, but another part is a kind of writers block I've been experiencing which is the worst kind out there. I wasn't excited about any of my three ongoing projects. I couldn't motivate and when I did everything I wrote was nothing short of being shit.

Maybe it was the sun--out for the first time after weeks of fog, or maybe my head has finally caught up with the whirlwind of planning, but for the first time today I was excited. I reaquainted myself with a script I'd tabled and now I'm in a really good position to start moving forward again. Let me tell you, for a writer, it's a great feeling to have because the worst thing on Earth is losing you desire to write. It happens to everyone though. Stephen King even writes about it in his book, On Writing--his nonfiction acount of the craft. (I hate the word "craft"but it's unfortunately appropriate.)

When I wrote my last script I had actually put it down for over a year without looking at it because I ran out of ideas. Fortunately, the same thing happened and I completed it to the point where I'm really happy. If only it wasn't so damn difficult to sell a project in this town.

Anyway...it was a good day. I'm now sitting outside on our gorgeous porch as the sun lowers with the crisp afternoon ocean breezes putting a chill on my arms. After such a good day I decided to reward myself with a grey goose red bull. Life is good.

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