Local institution burns down

Got a call from a friend to look out my window yesterday morning. Down by the water I could see smoke and news choppers filling the sky--Chopper 2, Chopper 4, even the new Air7HD (Channel 7 doesn't like to let anyone forget they're the only local news broadcast in high definition).

So it turned out Sharkeez, a very popular beach watering hole, was burning. It was a three alarm fire with trucks called from all the south bay cities and Los Angeles. By the end of the day it was a total loss. Except for the local crew, the firetrucks were mostly gone when I took a walk down to check out the scene later in the afternoon. The buildings at the Hermosa Pier are built right next to each other with zero space between. It's amazing the firewall kept the fire contained.

I took some pictures. A few are below, the rest are here.

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