One ring to rule them

No, we didn't go for the LOTR style band as depicted in the image to the left.

Last weekend we ventured down to LA's jewelry district and purchased our wedding rings. It was a great symbolic burdon removed to actually get that done. We had gone to the jewelery district a few months ago and talked to lots of different jewelers. We returned to a booth we remembered from the first trip only to find the person we spoke with was out of town. Instead there was this very loud old man that couldn't speak English and was yelling at Liz and I in some sort of slavic language while this other guy "translated" and laughed. Needless to say, we didn't buy any ring from this fellow and went to our second choice where a very helpful woman sorted everything out with us.

They say the Los Angeles Jewelry District is actually the largest in the world and I know we only saw a small portion of it. Fortunately we knew exactly what we wanted, because you could wander aimlessly around that place for days.

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