I haven't been able to write a message for what I'm sure are obvious reasons but...

We're married!

Don't have much time but just wanted to say that despite the pouring rain it was a beautiful ceremony, a great reception and Liz looked more gorgeous than I'd ever seen her before.

Countless thank yous to Dick and Joan Stiles as well as my parents and our entire wedding party.   Plus it really was great to have friends travel far to help us celebrate.

We fly to Hawai'i tomorrow morning...in first class.    

More later...


Bring on the 'rents!

My parents and grandparents fly in from Baltimore tomorrow afternoon. Thank God I got a lot of stuff done today because I'm sure my mother will have a whole list of new things that need my attention.

Three more days...who's ready!?


Some DJs lie

So we gave the DJ a list of music that includes a couple songs that are far from mainstream. I expected he'd want us to burn a CD with that handful of tracks.

He told us he had everything. Everything.

I just don't know that I believe a wedding DJ has Static Revenger's "Long Time". I had to do a fairly in depth search just to find a version that wasn't mixed into something else--and I knew exactly what I was looking for.

Now I have this fear that he's going to instead have the original version of Boston's "Long Time" from which the Static Revenger track is remixed. The original is like 12 minutes long and very very slow. The other is a fun dance song with a recognizable hook.


good bye, bag

Liz and I have these massive suitcases that we fill with all our crap that we poorly pack whenever we take a trip. It's usually a major effort to try to ensure the bag doesn't pass the airlines weight limits. You have to pay over 50 lbs and I know these bags could probably handle at least 80 w/o sweating.

Anyway, on Friday I hardly got any sleep trying to wrap up everything I needed to get done and pack so I didn't realize that my giant suitcase was majorly broken until about 1AM before my 730AM flight. It's not surprising that I didn't see it because it's not a surface tear or anything obvious. No, this is stealth damage.

I pushed on a side of the bag by a handle and thought it felt weird. It wasn't solid and moved like two separate pieces. Strange, I thought. So I unzipped the liner in the bag and learned that the thick plastic lining that wraps around the inside of the bag had snapped into two pieces right where the handle bolts into it. I tug on the handle and realize that it's not bolted into anything and is merely attached to the canvas on the outside of the bag. If the bag were full and you lifted it by the handle, it would probably tear the canvas and spill my precious clothes everywhere. I thought about cutting off the handle so it couldn't be lifted that way. For some reason I decided not to....not really sure why though.

I had no option since it was so late so I just packed and hoped for the best. If I could get to Boston, I could always buy a new bag before continuing to Hawaii. Fortunately it was the side handle and not the top handle, but I know how those TSA fellas and bag handlers deal with bags...they lift and throw. I handed my bag off and fortunately it was just dragged over next to several others...standing in wait until someone came to take them all backstage.

For the entire flight I had visions of someone lifting my broken suitcase by it's lame handle and having the entire thing explode onto the tarmac. In my version of this event, a truck runs over all my clothes, just to make things worse. When we got to Boston I waited for them to call my name from the baggage desk only to hear bad news that my suitcase didn't make it, and was no longer with us. I saw a huge American Airlines cardboard box come out with the luggage and checked it to see if it was the remains of my three week's worth of life. It wasn't. And then, seemingly after every other bag had been transported out from behind the scenes there was mine--coming towards me...and in tact!

So I grabbed the bag by it's good handle and did a quick examine. The other handle wasn't even ripped off...I must have gotten lucky. Who ever picked up my bag must not have wanted to use a side handle--maybe he had all day or maybe he never did, I will never know.

In any case, I have my clothes and my camera and my precious iPod speakers. It all survived. Soon it will have a new home. I makes me sad to know I will not be taking my black megahuge bag to Hawai'i where it could be a part of our wedding--it's served me well and deserved the vacation. It's been a good ride though. Farewell, bag. Farewell.

paint and glue

I spent much of my first full day in Boston assembling what will become our table assignment cards. Sanding and glueing and painting, oh my!

Gotta say the weather is pretty horribly hot right now. It was mid nineties and about a million percent humidity today. Fortunately the hot spell is slated to end on Wednesday so as long as we can avoid the rain, we should have a gorgeous day next saturday.

My family arrives in Boston in only three days. Lots to do before.


Off to Boston in a few hours

Just completed my packing for my 7:25 AM flight to Boston. Man, what I week. I'm exausted. Hopefully with liz and I in the same place this upcoming week won't be as bad. (And even if it is, we know it will end positive!)

Seven days!


One more day...

Man, this week has been tough!

One more full day and then it's off to Boston. I will be so glad to finally be done with laying out and designing the printed portion of our table assignment cards.

Also realized that the section of our website with suggestions for things to do never was completed...oh well, everything can't be perfect.


4 more days in LA

Of course things seem to be coming together in the expected way, and by expected way I mean too much to do with too little time. As if I wasn't busy enough, I picked up a freelance gig for this week to make me even more busy.

I'll be very glad when I finally get to Boston because that'll mean most of the little things I need to take care of will be done. Liz and I are on the phone a few times each day but after a brief exchange of pleasantries the discussion goes straight into wedding planning talk.

"Did you call the so-and-so?"

"No, I thought you were."

"But, I thought you were.

But stress hasn't lead to fighting or arguing...well mostly it hasn't...and that's most definitely a good thing.


June Gloom parted away...for a little while

It's been foggy and cloudy here for over a week now but today the skies parted and the sun came out. Can't complain about that. I'm trying to sort through wedding funness outside on the porch because tomorrow is the AVP Hermosa Beach Open. It's pretty insane how they build an entire stadium on the beach just for this event and the break it down and take it to the next stop on the tour. I don't plan on watching the volleyball at all, but I will be down at the Hermosa Pier hitting some of the bars one last time before I fly to Boston on the 17th. Should be crowded. Should be fun. I hope the sky parts again tomorrow.

The list slowly shortens

So with only two weeks now it's starting to become crunch time for getting wedding work done. We have a cross-continental team working on the effort. Liz heads up the East Coast home base and I'm leading operations from the West.

It seems silly to put it that way but it's kind of how it all feels right now.

FINALLY got the music crap all wrapped up. There's one less thing to worry about. Now the two big things on my agenda are programs and table cards. I've started dreaming about them in my sleep.


Happy Birthday Liz

She just flew to Boston last night so I had to tell her early in person, but now that it's the actual day....Happy Birthday, Liz!


nation's worst drivers in northeast

Let's admit it. We all knew this was true.

read the story.

In the ranking of 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Rhode Island ranked worst. Massachussets emerged in a tie with New Jersey for third worst.

California did much better coming in at 14th best. I can only imagine that with a state so large, there's lots of areas to balance out all the cell phone yappin', SUV drivin' soccer moms that are the menace on our freeways. If LA was ranked individually, I'm sure we'd rival the northeast.


Things they don't seem to sell in stores

1. Table card holders.

Well they have to sell them somewhere but after I travelled all around Los Angeles with Liz' father yesterday we decided to give up and seek alternate solutions. One women we ran into seemed quite certain that they sold them at Smart and Final. Turns out she was wrong. (We asked) But if you're ever in the market for clear plastic menu holders, industrial strength condiment dispensors, or a box with a gazillion plastic straws...well then smart and final is your store.

Well actually we did find some at a party store but they were these chincy looking things...

We're too cool for something like that. Besides David and Emily Bradshaw are really lame so we can't do anything they would do.

big week

I know the updates have been lacking.  The big story this week is Liz's grad school graduation.  She put her cap and gown on and walked-with honors--at the CSUN graduation on Wednesday.  Liz officially graduated last December but it's always nice to go through the official pomp and circumstance.  It was a really nice day with the only complaints being that it's hot as hell in Northridge on a summer day and the walk between her hooding ceremony and the big graduation was perplexingly far.