I haven't been able to write a message for what I'm sure are obvious reasons but...

We're married!

Don't have much time but just wanted to say that despite the pouring rain it was a beautiful ceremony, a great reception and Liz looked more gorgeous than I'd ever seen her before.

Countless thank yous to Dick and Joan Stiles as well as my parents and our entire wedding party.   Plus it really was great to have friends travel far to help us celebrate.

We fly to Hawai'i tomorrow morning...in first class.    

More later...


Anonymous said...

will you now change the name to beirnebeirne.com?

please see a brief video tribute to THIS VERY WEBSITE, direct to you from the dancefloor.


Eve said...

Haha! That video is hilarious!

James' Dad said...

Good job Biggs!

Congrats to Liz & James