July 2: Day 6

After passing out at the latest hour yet during the trip we still woke up fairly early so we got out of bed and headed down to the breakfast buffet to grab some food. It was a very extensive buffet filled with everything you could want including an omelet-to-order bar. This was the first of many times during the trip that I would eat waffles with coconut syrup. Mmmm mmm.

After breakfast we headed over to the beach to spend some time under the sun. Well, the sun was very bright so we investigated renting a little cabana—turned out they were all reserved (shocking on the Sunday of July 4th wkd!) Fortunately we lucked and someone canceled a reservation for a beach umbrella right when we were at the rental desk.

An overly friendly young dude spent five minutes digging a hole in the sand for the umbrella. Since you can charge everything to the room we had no cash to tip him. Despite his insistance that we not worry about it, we said we’d get him back later. Of course we never found him again so if you’re ever at the Sheration in Maui, give the blonde 24 year old dude a fiver for us. You’ll know him when you see him.

After a few hours at the beach and some pool time, we grabbed lunch and drinks at one of the two pool-side bars.

We sat next to two guys that we dubbed the “super friendly, super cool dudes”. (You have to say it really fast.) They were around 30—give or take a few years—and had just arrived for a wedding. We watched them sweet-talk these two older 50something tourist women. We saw the SFSCDs each of our next two days there continuing to spread their super friendly, super cool vibes to all that would listen. We never saw them with anyone else though. Maybe the wedding was just a story to pick up old ladies.

After a morning and afternoon in the sun (and drinking) we headed back and got cleaned up to go out for dinner and whatnots in Lahaina. The cab dropped us off in the old town and we immediately found a happy hour at an empty restaurant. I pulled out my camera to get a picture of Liz’s bling and the bartender asked if we wanted our picture taken. I’m sure she thought it was strange that we said no.

Shopping and silliness through the town.

This is the largest Banyan Tree in the United States...they are really proud of it in Lahaina:

A restaurant called Kimo’s had a really long wait for dinner but there was a table at the oceanside bar where we could wait. We got on the list and headed in. There was a decent local musician playing but the drinks were kinda bad.

We drank something pink first:

Then we had the “Backscratcher” which Liz loved:

We had a table next to the water for dinner. High waves splashed the end of the table. I can’t imagine what it would be like during rough surf.

With reservations the next early morning for a snorkeling boat trip, we decided to head back to the hotel and crash.

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