June 28: Day 2

Still suffering the results of jetlag we woke up at 5AM. Fortunately, this also happens to be when the hot tub heater kicks in and we jumped in to catch the sunrise over the Pacific. After that experience, no complaints about jetlag!

We hung out at the house for much of the morning and just relaxed. Liz started fueling her addiction to Brain Age on the Nintendo DS. We learned she’s better than me at pretty much every test except anything to do with spatial relations, but I digress…

Later that afternoon we headed back to Paia and strolled the shops. We were dressed very well for out dinner at Mama’s Fish House—one of the nicest restaurants on the island. Four different shop owners complimented us on how good we looked, with special note of Liz’s dress. After lots of browsing and little buying we headed over to Mama’s for a fantasic dinner by the water. I had Mahi Mahi stuffed with crab that was to die for and Liz ordered swordfish—apparently it’s a rare catch in Hawai’i. You know the fish is fresh at Mama’s because the menu notes which fisherman caught it and where the caught it from the day before.

After dinner we picked up some wine and champagne and headed back to our cliff-side hideaway to celebrate until we fell asleep…again early.

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