July 7: Day 11

Most of our 11th day in Hawai'i was filled with relaxation--and there's nothing wrong with that! After waking up nice and late in our sweet suite, we headed down to the pool for some fun time in the water and under the sun.

It wasn't really very crowded, which was a good thing because more crowd would mean more children. We hit the big waterslide and waded around in the water (the deepest part of the pool was only 4 feet, so wading was all you could do). Pictures of pool fun will be in the recap of our final day.

So after spending the day with no agenda, on a recomendation we headed over to the nearby outrigger hotel for drinks at sunset. The rocks in the water made it pretty spectacular and perhaps the best sunset of our entire trip--which was appropriate considering that this would be our last full night here.

The place even had a really good Hawaiian band playing music. It was cool and wasn't at all cheesy like the lounge singer from the night before.

We left the car and took a cab to Kona--which is like Lahaina only older and dirtier. Since I never got to get sushi in Maui because of the wallet losing incident, we decided to try this Japanese restaurant called Fujimamas. The waitress told us that there was a sangria special which we thought to be a bit strange for a japanese place, but we ordered them anyway.

Here's me with Sangria and chopsticks...

Later, we got some saki and chose our saki cups from this huge bowl filled with them. Liz got a much larger cup than me, so I had to refill twice as much as her to keep up. The place was more touristy than the spectacular sushi I hoped for on Maui, but that was ok because it was a fun dinner together.

Eventually we stumbled over to a cab and had a crazy-taxi like experience heading back to the hotel. After all the drinking, it didn't take us too long to pass out.

oh and at some point we visited this place in Kona town...

I'll be honest. Donkey Balls...over rated.

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