Our Honeymoon--the *almost* entire recap

Since our honeymoon posts come up in reverse order...here they all are if you're new to the site. Plus...if you're a first time visitor, you probably don't realize that it's taken us almost two months to get this all up here! We'll return to regular, timely crap very, very soon!

June 27: Day 1 (Maui North Shore)

June 28: Day 2 (Maui North Shore)
June 29: Day 3 (Maui North Shore)
June 30: Day 4 (Maui North Shore)
July 1: Day 5 (West Maui)
July 2: Day 6 (West Maui)
July 3: Day 7 (West Maui)
July 4: Day 8 (West Maui resorts and Big Island)
July 5: Day 9 (Big Island Volcano)
July 6: Day 10 (Big Island Volcano and Kona)
July 7: Day 11 (Big Island Kona)
July 8: Day 12 (Big Island Kona)--LAST DAY COMING SOON

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