As is the case whenever you move, we've found ourselves to have many things that we want to get rid of, yet are in too bad of condition to make an effort to sell. The people in this neighborhood are scavengers! Nearly everything we've put out on the street has been picked up by people to make their own--and usually in only a couple hours.

Here's a few items that people have snatched:
  • A long blacklight
  • Hockey goalie gear
  • various books
  • A huge entertainment center in really bad condition
  • A Chasing Amy framed poster signed by Kevin Smith
  • A Red (from the Kryslowski Three Colors trilogy) framed poster
  • A frame for a diploma
  • A wooden stool
  • 8 painted, wooden cd crates in bad condition
  • A cd rack in horrible condition
  • Three assembled crappy bookshelves in bad condition
  • a bunch of other little things
The person who took the Chasing Amy poster also took the Red poster. Red is a foreign film making it somewhat odd that the scavenger wanted both.

The blacklight was particular effective. It drew attention and disappeared within 15 minutes.

We have an old assembled desk out there now. I doubt it makes it to morning.

Wednesday is move day! finally.

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