Tomorrow we move

After six fantastic years living with Darrin (and for a couple years an assortment of 4th roommate guest stars) at 832 16th Street in Hermosa Beach we're moving on tomorrow. Of course moving on means moving to 832 15th Place--one street over from our current abode, but while it's nearby and will be absolutely exciting to be living with just Liz in a place that's just us...there's a lot we'll miss about the 16th St abode.

Good bye old friend...we'll only see you every day we pass by you and your fabulous porch we no longer have to get home and it will be difficult for us. We'll go quickly and hope you don't notice. We'll believe that your new tennants can't possibly be as great as us. We'll know that with this move...an era has passed. We hope you'll miss us as much as we'll miss you.

Good bye.

p.s. our new place has a pool--something you couldn't give us. jealous?

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