more furniture

The rest of our furniture arrived today! It's very exciting to actually have places to sit. We just need a couple tables and a rug and we'll be all settled in.


recliner arrived at last!

Here's our new La-z-boy recliner that arrived this morning! Our sofa and chair should get here early next week. No more sitting on blankets on the floor!

The ottoman has storage and will be an extra piece since it's obviously not needed w/ a recliner. All the junk in the backround will be gone by the time our sofa arrives.


Wii time

It's no secret that I play video games--fortunately it's far from an underground taboo these days. It's no secret that I love new technology--if only it was all free. So it should also be no secret that I preordered a Nintendo Wii today.

After spending 12 hours waiting in line last year to be one of the privledged first to own an xbox 360, I didn't want to go through that again. This year's new systems are the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. The PlayStation is much too similar to the xbox and costs waaaaay too much at $600. So it was decided that we'd be adding the innovative new Nintendo system with the funny name to our home entertainment center. Liz has lately become somewhat of a Nintendo DS addict so as soon as I told her there would be a Big Brain Academy game for the Wii, she was convinced. (By the way...Liz also looooves playing UNO online via the xbox. )

Friday morning, preorder day, I carted myself over to the local GameStop at 8:30 to get into line. I was number 23. At 9:15 an employee opened the door to tell us that they would only have 8 preorder slots. Dammit! Fortunately there was another store at a nearby mall so I headed over there and was number 14. This place must be higher traffic because they scored 30 preorder slots. Plus with a promotion they were running I was able to trade in some old useless xbox and psp games for $120! Score!

Oddly enough some crazy dude came in and started yelling because no one told him to get there early. It was kind of a scene and security was called. I can't stand people who blame others for their inability to understand the obvious.

Then this 50 something lady waiting in line (for HERSELF, not for kids or grandkids) said it was a huge scene at target earlier today for some new tickle me elmo thing that's apparently big this Christmas. It's not even November yet!

To sumarize, no insanity of long lines in late night darkness for me on November 19th. Liz and I can play that day hassle-free!

And if you don't play video games and this all sounds like Greek to you--one day you will turn, one day. And apparently this is supposed to be the system to help you get there.


That's a lotta pillows

Yes, our spectacular bed does indeed have eight...count em...eight pillows on it.

Plumbing mess

This is what happens when you put too many veggies down a kitchen sink in an old house w/ bad plumbing.

Yes, it does smell as bad as it looks. Not many things in the world more delightful than seeing that come up from your tub drain. Thank God it stopped before the tub filled completely. It took the plumber quite a while to clear it. He told us that our house didn't have drains good enough for a garbage disposal. (Gee, you'd think when your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal that it's actually OK to use it!)


Why so many books?

Spent time today carrying very heavy boxes of books from our place to the garage below. We don't yet have a bookshelf (and won't for a while) so there's really no point in looking at all of them. I think Liz has read every book on earth about an eager young woman making it in the big city. (i.e. Sex and The City clones) At our old abode we had a bad habit of letting books pile up on a crappy bookshelf to the point where it just looked like a hideous mess. That's something to be avoided now. I think we're going to go with the whole idea of just displaying the highlights. If there's one benefit of moving...it's a forced chance to defeat the evil commonly known as clutter.

Here's some pix of the place as it stands now...

Here's the kitchen with our all our new cookware hanging. Looks nice with the roses.

Our dining area. The piece of furniture on the wall is a nifty wine cabinet we picked up recently.

Living room without furniture. We do have a TV though...so at least there's that.

We created a nest with sleeping bags, pillows and blankets so that we can still use the room.