Why so many books?

Spent time today carrying very heavy boxes of books from our place to the garage below. We don't yet have a bookshelf (and won't for a while) so there's really no point in looking at all of them. I think Liz has read every book on earth about an eager young woman making it in the big city. (i.e. Sex and The City clones) At our old abode we had a bad habit of letting books pile up on a crappy bookshelf to the point where it just looked like a hideous mess. That's something to be avoided now. I think we're going to go with the whole idea of just displaying the highlights. If there's one benefit of moving...it's a forced chance to defeat the evil commonly known as clutter.

Here's some pix of the place as it stands now...

Here's the kitchen with our all our new cookware hanging. Looks nice with the roses.

Our dining area. The piece of furniture on the wall is a nifty wine cabinet we picked up recently.

Living room without furniture. We do have a TV though...so at least there's that.

We created a nest with sleeping bags, pillows and blankets so that we can still use the room.

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