Belated birthday fun

After an unexpected postponement, we went out to celebrate the Three-O at a new restaurant in West Hollywood called "Sunset Beach". The place is pretty much what you would expect for a fashionable new spot on the strip. And in case we didn't know what to expect as we drove up...at the valet we were behind two jaguars and a porche pulled in behind us. I know those drivers were obviously pretty damn jealous of liz's bitchin' Nissan Sentra though.

While waiting for everyone to arrive late as always, we hit the bar where the bartender made me a $10 grey goose and tonic that certainly tasted like it had an appropriate amount of alcohol for the cost. By the end of dinner, I wisely chose to make the leap to beer for the remainder of the evening.

I ordered their signature kobe style beef stuffed with lobster burger and I was not disapointed. They get away with selling a burger in a place like this by adding the words "Kobe" and "Lobster" As you can see...this was one massively sized burger:

You can also see how tightly the boxy chairs were packed into our 14 person table.

After dinner we lounged around the place for a while. Turned out there was a private list-only party (for what I have no idea)--which explained the lack of super-can't-move-crowdedness--something you rarely find on sunset blvd. After a few drinks w/ all the so-called "beautiful people", we bailed and looked for another place to hit nearby. Nothing struck our fancy so we ended up going back to a friend's house and just hung out. A six pack of beer costs less than a drink at a bar on Sunset, so...no complaints about that.

All in all a fun night and a proper way to start (albeit three weeks late) a new decade of living!

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