Hawthorne Police's Red Light ATM

So I got this in the mail the other day...

The really bad part is that I wasn't running straight through a red light. No, I was turning right on red and didn't come to a complete stop. It actually notes the light had been red 1.1 seconds when I made the turn. I think this is pretty much the definition of ridiculous ticket.

What's worse is that I was at this same intersection today. (I drive through it nearly daily) While I was stopped at the light on the cross street, I watched cars make the same turn I had made to get the ticket. In one cycle of the signal, the picture boxes flashed SIX TIMES on cars that were making the right turn. This was in three minutes. Each ticket is $369. What a racket.

Worst of all is that in my case and in the cases I witnessed, the cross traffic doesn't even have a green light. No, it's red. All the tickets were issued when the turn signal was on for the cross traffic. And in this particular intersection it's very rare if ever that a car makes a U-Turn. So when I made a right turn--below the speed limit--without fully stopping for a signal that changed 1.1 seconds earlier, I was putting absolutely no one in danger.

So the Hawthorne PD gets a big FU from me. Glad I don't live in that crappy town.

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