Gettin' on a plane

I fly to Maryland in a mere 7 hours. Liz joins me Thursday and it's a few days with my family before flying to Boston on Christmas to spend time with hers.

Now if I could only kick this nasty cold I have...


We are currently experiencing...

Why is it every time I pick up the phone to call a big corporate entity these days I get stopped by the message, "We are currently experiencing a high volume of callers so we apologize for the delay"? Everyone else on earth is always calling the exact same business at the same time I am? How about we change those messages to..."We had to make budget cuts so we don't have enough workers in our call center to respond to a normal volume of callers"

And as for the apology part...that's no different than saying "with all due respect, I think you're an idiot".


Saturday night beer and wii fun

Mike and Darrin came over last Saturday night and joined Liz and I for some drinkin' and gamin' fun with the new Nintendo Wii. Bowling was the clear favorite but a good time was had with Excite Truck too. We also played golf (fun), baseball (boring), and boxing (tiring). I've owned a lot of videogame systems over the years and this is by far the best for groups of people and party fun. It'll be cool to see the more polished games come out in the months ahead.