LA meeting

If people in the city know how to do anything right, it's meetings. It's like an art form here. There's the breakfast meeting, the lunch meeting, the dinner meeting, and the always exciting "drinks." Business doesn't seem to happen in this town unless we're eating or drinking something.

In the time I've lived here, I've had my share of LA meetings, but never to quite the cliche-driving level as last night.

Marc and I met with an actress about one of the lead roles in DJ Girl. Here are the LA meeting cliches we filled...
  1. We actually called it "drinks". (although I stuck to redbull after drinking several weeks worth of my share at the pats/chargers game last wkd)
  2. We scheduled it at a trendy hotel lounge.
  3. We were 2 producers obviously meeting with an actress.
  4. She handed us headshots in front of all other patrons.
  5. We spoke loudly about things like script and the character so that everyone else could hear.
  6. We shook hands at the end.
  7. The bartender asked Marc and I if "she got the part"
  8. We took five minutes to answer that question for the bartender.
All the silly cliches aside, it was actually a great meeting. We all joked about how "LA" the whole thing was several times in the middle and I have no doubt that as we ramp up, more of the same will be in our future. Truth be told, everyone's so busy here that it's just too damn convenient to not mix business and pleasure.

Oh...and she did get the part. I know she doesn't know this blog exists but on the off chance that her name pops up on a google search, I'll refrain from typing it until we give her the news.

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