NFL, here I come

At 30 years old, I've never been to an NFL football game (at least as far as I can remember), and Darrin was kind enough to invite Liz and I to come along to see the Patriots playoff against the Chargers in San Diego tomorrow.

We're heading down early Sunday to tailgate with my aunt and uncle who have season tix. Liz claims she's going to drink a lot and yell at the chargers fans. I believe it too.

Thank god, they're playing in a pansy city like San Diego. If it were the Raiders, we'd probably be murdered.

So with all the major sports to be covered after Sunday what's next? With all this Beckham hype, I can see a good chance of attending my first MLS game next fall. As far as NASCAR goes...I'm making a good effort to never experience that one first hand.

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