Gettin' Organized

It's been five months since we moved and a few parts of our house are still certifiable dissater areas. This past weekend, I tackled the coast closet.

Since we don't have the obligatory coats to store there, we had ended up using the space as a dumping ground for all our junk with no where else to go. The Container Store had a sale last month on custom shelving by Elfa so we made some measurements and purchased the "open air shelves and baskets". They cut them to length in the store and we were good to go in about two hours. There were LOTS of pieces, making this an interesting project for someone as non-construction savvy as myself.

When we got back I took a hammer to the closet rod and had fun w/ a little mini demolition. Unfortunately the wall looked like crap after that. So I used some abfab pink spackle that dries white.

After that it was painting time! Fortunately someone had just painted a stain on our ceiling the day before so I used his leftover paint. It didn't match exactly, but this was the back of a closet, so close enough!

After the paint dried, I drilled holes and hung the support rods. Drilling the holes was a pain in the ass requiring an unexpected trip to purchase a six inch drill bit...and no less than 8 stripped screws, but I worked through it.

Next, I hung the shelves. It was here that I dropped one of the shelves the and sharp metal on the custom cut end created an eight inch long gash down my inner wrist. There was quite a bit of blood but I let it clot up and moved on. (And I was alone so, sadly, no picture)

After the shelves went up I did the same process for the basket wall on the side. (And yes, the drilling and screwing was just as tedious the second time.)

We hung an iron holder on the opposite wall. (Nice touch I think!) I missed the stud here and created two massive holes in the wall. But with a little skilled placement of the iron holder, the holes were hidden away never to be noticed again.

And the final result!

Yeah...yeah...yeah...no "before" picture, and a pretty crappy shot at the end. Hey, I tried.

Thus ends this edition of "How to organize a coat closet"

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