Hair connects the world

I get my hair cut by Jasmina at Salon Brit in Manhattan Beach. Her husband owns the place and she does a great job with my often out-of-control head. She cuts Liz's hair too.

Anyway, the topic of DJ Girl has come up a few times so she was familiar with the project and we were talking about it when I was there last week. She asked if we needed anyone to do hair for the trailer and I told her that we didn't really have a budget for that. She told me she didn't care and would like to do it if her schedule could work out. OK...this is cool. She's done hair for a couple indie films and music videos so the prospect of getting someone like that for free was most definitely a good one. Since we're shooting a trailer, we have to create the illusion that it's an illustration of the entire feature, so having someone on board that can help us ensure our two lead actresses don't have the exact same hair through the entire thing will be a blessing.

But then she continued...and this is where the only-in-hollywood* part comes in. She told me that she has a lot of good friends in the indie film community and if I needed suggestions for a cinematographer, or anything for that matter, to just ask and she'd put out the word. Only here could we find a film crew via introductions from my hair stylist. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic, and I won't hesitate to ask if we do end up needing ideas. It's just funny how many worlds collide at a central place like a salon.

Oh, and Jasmina told me she's writing a script too. But, hey, it's Hollywood*, so aren't we all?

*actually it's Manhattan Beach...but "Only-in-Manhattan Beach" didn't have the punch I was looking for

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