Davina Davina Davina

So we had our big audition today for Davina.

These are the two front runners...

Sierra (she's currently blonde):


The other two major roles we've cast...

Royer...our fabulous lead:


Dylan...our male lead:


We have two outstanding male roles to cast. Fortunately both are rather small and with merely a decision to be made regarding Davina, we're ready to move forward. We'll sort the final two roles out before we shoot.

Marc and I are reviewing DVD reels sent from DPs in the days ahead.

HOPEFULLY we'll be shooting this thing in May. Our key location, the Vanguard club in Los Angeles, doesn't have a showstopping headliner (making it too crowded for us to shoot) in May until memorial day so we have a few options.


Smooth operator

Looks like everything is sorted with the transition. I certainly like the way things are looking now quite a bit better. I'll continue to tweak it over the next few days--fortunately changes are much easier to make now.

Again...don't forget to update your browsers...

The website is:

They RSS feed is:

OK...onward and upward...

More DJ Girl updates coming tomorrow.


St. Patrick's Day flowers still goin...

These green flowers have been here since st patties day....not too shabby!

Site updates

This site just got transferred directly to blogger's internal servers to take advantage of features in their new version. Supposedly this will make things easier in the long run, but it's a pain in the ass for right now.

As you can see the template got a bit screwed up. Gotta get that fixed.

The old feed address has changed as well...

Please update your browser/reader to: feed://www.liveinhermosa.com/feeds/posts/default/


Massive winds attack Southern California

The weather here has been insane lately. Gusts rolling off the Ocean were over 50mph for the entire day today. Huge Palms were everywhere. Our dated windows were vibrating. The pier promendade was filled with sand and the surf was especially violent.

It was one of the if not the windiest days I can remember since living in California.

Check out the pix and videos of it all below...

Watch the skateboarding kid on the right...


What were they thinking!? Part Two

So another dude decides to send a submission for our female only call.

This one decided to send nothing more than three links:




Poor Pat Morita. It's a real shame when Raul Julia has claim to a better swan song.

Doesn't even add a note!? Where do these people come from!?

DJ Girl update...

It's been a while since the last DJ Girl update. Casting continues. We will be having what will hopefully be our last casting session on March 31 with Gabe and Davina being the last two major roles to fill.

Last night we met the first actress we've liked for the Davina role. She certainly looks the part and I'm confident she'll pull it off. The script is in her hands now, so we'll see if she's still interested after actually reading it. A fun fact we didn't know prior to meeting--she also does stunts and recently did that work on Michael Bay's massive Transformers movie that opens this summer. Maybe we'll need Davina to get into an ass kickin' fight somewhere...

We've started touching base about locations. Got the ball rolling to get Vanguard--our key club location. Now that request just needs to work up the food chain which is certain to be a slow process. I just found out that we're likely to gain clearance to shoot in Guitar Center for the comedic tag at the trailer's close. Both Marc and I expected to either steal the shot without permission or fake it somewhere else so that was a pleasant surprise.

We still need to find someone to shoot the thing. This will be the primary focus after we wrap casting on the 31st. I don't anticipate it taking too long once we finally put all our attention into it.

We did, however, settle on a camera--the Canon XL-H1. After reviewing footage it will give us the best bang for our buck. Ideally we'll find a DP who owns the camera and just pay a fee for him and his kit to save some money.

Despite Jasmina's offer, I'm not confident that we'll have her assistance as the weekend is her big income time. If it doesn't work out we'll hopefully land a couple people looking for experience to help us out with makeup, hair, and wardrobe. Fortunately that's something we can get fairly last minute so it's on the back burner for now.

When exactly will we finally shoot this thing? Well, lets resolve these other issues first. I'll be very happy to see it wrap before summer begins.


Opossum Time!

Over the last few weeks I started noticing things knocked over in our garage. Then the garage door stopped working. When the repairman came out he asked if we had a dog.

"Ummm, no," I thought.

Apparently an animal had chewed through the power line. And with that I started parking my car on the street.

Our garage is fairly old and there are several large holes on the walls. It seemed we had a visitor. But what could it be?

I notified our slow-to-act landlord and let it be. The next day I found animal feces on the ground in there. This thing wasn't small.

Each day I'd check again and each day everything would be knocked over. Pots were bumped from shelves and shattered. A box was chewed up. I even found an empty bottle of windshield wiper fluid with the lid chewed off. Did it drink the stuff?

Finally yesterday when someone was going to come out to repair the holes I went into the garage to clear space away from the damaged wall. We had a very large plastic bag from an art supply store holding a couple paintings. I picked it up and something wasn't right. It felt heavy. I peered in and jumped back.

Something's in there!

What to do? What to do?

I carried the entire bag outside and placed it on the ground. Nothing happened. Was it dead?

What to do? What to do?

With my foot I lifted up the back of the bag. Something started to very slowly move. Out came this creature--about the size of a large cat with a rat-like tail. It was an opossum!

It slowly stepped into the sunlight and turned around and gave me the "why did you wake me up?" look and then took it's time walking away. It stopped to drink a little water at a dripping faucet then continued moping off.

Wow. Nutty.

Glad those holes are being repaired as I write this. It will be nice to get the garage back from our uninvited guest...and not have to worry about it feasting on pieces of my car.

Fun facts:
The opossum is north america's only marsupial. Females carry as many as 13 offspring in their pouch between February and May.


New calendar archive

I set up the blog with this nifty new java archive calendar. (The list of months was becoming a bit oppressive.) The only problem--as you can clearly see at the bottom of the right sidebar--is that I have two calendars on the page now. The first one is completely useless, and the second one is an actual archiver where you view posts from any given date. I'm no java expert and it was a big enough hassle to tinker with the code to get the thing in there at all...I can't for the love of me figure out what to delete to remove the rogue doppleganger calendar. Any ideas?


What were they thinking!? Part One

Got this winner today. I blocked out his identity because I'm not that cruel. By the way...remember THIS was the published posting for our Davina search.


I am a member of XXXXXXX. I am interested in your casting/posting, and have included the information you have requested below. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like me to send you any other information. Thank you for your time.

Trying out ecto

I'm trying out a new blogger client called ecto. It comes highly recommended. Now I won't need to log into the craptastic blogger interface everytime I want to post. Yay!

And it includes spellcheck. Lord knows I need that!


State test

Can you quickly name all 50 states without skipping any?

You have ten minutes....no cheating!

Took me just under four minutes to enter all but one. It took another three minutes to figure out which one I skipped. Final time: 6:55.


Let the flood gates open...

We continue to be experiencing some problems with casting the role of Davina. It seems that no friends or friends of friends are decent blonde actresses that fit the very specific look we need for this role. We toyed with putting someone in a wig for a couple minutes, but I don't think that's a compromise that will be worthwhile. So...we're doing what we hoped to avoid at this trailer stage. We're publicly listing the casting and opening the flood gates.

This went live at Backstage website at 6PM on Friday.

James Beirne & Marc Gottlieb (prod.) is casting DJ Girl, an HD DV romantic comedy feature.

Seeking—Davina: female, Caucasian, mid-20s, tall, blonde, stunningly gorgeous, Hollywood party girl-type, wry self deprecating humor, role requires an actor with physical comedic ability, supporting role.

Email pix & résumés to casting@djgirl.net. No pay. Producer plans to apply for a SAG Short Film Agreement.

It didn't take long for the resumes to start flowing in. The print edition doesn't even hit the news stand until Wednesday.

This will be very interesting.