DJ Girl update...

It's been a while since the last DJ Girl update. Casting continues. We will be having what will hopefully be our last casting session on March 31 with Gabe and Davina being the last two major roles to fill.

Last night we met the first actress we've liked for the Davina role. She certainly looks the part and I'm confident she'll pull it off. The script is in her hands now, so we'll see if she's still interested after actually reading it. A fun fact we didn't know prior to meeting--she also does stunts and recently did that work on Michael Bay's massive Transformers movie that opens this summer. Maybe we'll need Davina to get into an ass kickin' fight somewhere...

We've started touching base about locations. Got the ball rolling to get Vanguard--our key club location. Now that request just needs to work up the food chain which is certain to be a slow process. I just found out that we're likely to gain clearance to shoot in Guitar Center for the comedic tag at the trailer's close. Both Marc and I expected to either steal the shot without permission or fake it somewhere else so that was a pleasant surprise.

We still need to find someone to shoot the thing. This will be the primary focus after we wrap casting on the 31st. I don't anticipate it taking too long once we finally put all our attention into it.

We did, however, settle on a camera--the Canon XL-H1. After reviewing footage it will give us the best bang for our buck. Ideally we'll find a DP who owns the camera and just pay a fee for him and his kit to save some money.

Despite Jasmina's offer, I'm not confident that we'll have her assistance as the weekend is her big income time. If it doesn't work out we'll hopefully land a couple people looking for experience to help us out with makeup, hair, and wardrobe. Fortunately that's something we can get fairly last minute so it's on the back burner for now.

When exactly will we finally shoot this thing? Well, lets resolve these other issues first. I'll be very happy to see it wrap before summer begins.

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