Let the flood gates open...

We continue to be experiencing some problems with casting the role of Davina. It seems that no friends or friends of friends are decent blonde actresses that fit the very specific look we need for this role. We toyed with putting someone in a wig for a couple minutes, but I don't think that's a compromise that will be worthwhile. So...we're doing what we hoped to avoid at this trailer stage. We're publicly listing the casting and opening the flood gates.

This went live at Backstage website at 6PM on Friday.

James Beirne & Marc Gottlieb (prod.) is casting DJ Girl, an HD DV romantic comedy feature.

Seeking—Davina: female, Caucasian, mid-20s, tall, blonde, stunningly gorgeous, Hollywood party girl-type, wry self deprecating humor, role requires an actor with physical comedic ability, supporting role.

Email pix & résumés to casting@djgirl.net. No pay. Producer plans to apply for a SAG Short Film Agreement.

It didn't take long for the resumes to start flowing in. The print edition doesn't even hit the news stand until Wednesday.

This will be very interesting.

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