Supermarket from the future...

I'm at awe after visiting the brand new Whole Foods Market in Manhattan Beach--with the flat screen tvs and interactive kiosks and wine bar right in the middle of it all...it definitely puts all the other local markets to shame. There's another Whole Foods about six miles away from this one in Redondo. It's like the tiny bastard son...you wouldn't even know they are two outlets of the same chain. Half the place is devoted to freshly prepared food that you can eat right there or take to go. They'll even cook anything for you while you wait.

Next thing you know it'll be the year 2000 and we'll all have flying cars.

wow my cellphone pix look like shit!


The challenge of great images on a budget

We're in the midst of reel reviews to find the perfect Director of Photography for this thing. Lots of people submitted some impressive work, but the challenge for us is determining if these guys can create images just as nice without $40,000 worth of lighting equipment. We don't want this to feel like a gritty shaky cam indie film. In fact, we want that glossy over-produced feel that is the polar opposite. This is the first of two showshopping hurdles to pass before we can finally lock dates and shoot. The second (and more daunting) will be securing approval to shoot from our locations. That will begin as soon as we book a DP.

Fortunately, we have an extensive second tier of options if neither of the first choices work out, but right now we'll be interviewing two contenders early next week.

Dan Schmeltzer's reel/site

Nick Rossier's reel/site


Bird and the Bee

New funky, jazzy LA band, The Bird and the Bee played last night at the world famous Derby. Starting getting into them when their debut album came out a few months ago and it was a great show at a classic LA venue I've actually never visited before.

The band...

Steve and I with singer Inara George...

Sia stood right in front of us for the whole show and sang on the last song, so I had to get a picture... She was very drunk and very hilarious. Check out her webpage to see how goofy she truly is.

Closing song...bird and the bee w/ Sia as guest...


New Furniture

7 months after moving in, we've begun phase two of furnishing the place.

Liz and I picked up three new pieces yesterday...to be delivered in the weeks ahead.

Moebius Table:

Noguchi Table:

Nelson Sunburst Clock:


Davina cast

After she gave a stellar reading with Jamie, we decided to cast Sierra as Davina. Fortunately she excitedly accepted.

I only had a picture of her as a brunette when I last updated, so here's two more recent blonde pix of our new Davina...